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A Think-and-Do Tank

We are an independent non-profit Think-&-Do Tank based in Liechtenstein.


What is Regeneration?

Our Initiatives


With this project, we aim to significantly increase the share of sustainable energy generated in Liechtenstein by 2030 and make it locally usable in heat generation and electromobility.


Token for Change

Empowering young people to play an active role participating in decision-making processes and reducing barriers to their participation, among others with the support of blockchain-tools.


Integral Way of Living

In collaboration with the University of Liechtenstein and our regional partners, we are investigating sustainable, resource-saving and climate-positive ways of living.


Regenerative Consulting

With our consulting, we support companies and organisations in mastering the social and ecological challenges of our time. We promote the potential to create value-added cycles within and outside the company.

Office Meeting

Let's join efforts!

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