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The core of our strength is powered by our diversity. To unleash our true potential, we have to unify our efforts and cooperate towards adopting the change we would like to see in the world. Through restoring a holistic approach, we are able to resolve the most pressing issues currently confronting all life forms, in the fastest time possible. By joining Integrity.Earth, your voice shapes consensus towards a collective future where everyone forms part of the solution.

We are people who have dedicated our entire careers to this massive undertaking—weaving partnerships together with knowledge and experience about how to guide the evolution of economic systems away from extractive paradigms that significantly reduce the resilience of human communities and ecosystems and towards the regenerative paradigms that integrate them to restore a healthy functioning. 

Franz Josef Allmayer

"Imagine what can be achieved when people move beyond fragmentation, remodeling the world to account for the needs of everyone, identifying and scaling approaches already available through our planet's visionary leaders. Join our journey, as we move beyond limitation, scarcity and fragmentation, into unity, abundance and healing." 

Franz is a universal citizen with roots in Austria and Guatemala. These contrasting yet complementary perspectives allowed him to question existing cultural paradigms built on scarcity from an early age.

Dedication to the fields of innovation and global development has enabled Franz to gather experience working with international organizations, governments, private sector, NGOs, and academic institutions. This multidisciplinary approach allowed him to recognize pervading patterns and embrace a more holistic approach to development that effectively provides value towards the whole of the system.

In recognition of the need to unite fragmented efforts towards a co-creative development process that effectively addresses the challenges of today, inspires Franz to create the tools, processes, and on the ground collaborations that support the development of regenerative bio-regional economies. He is a core member of Hypha DAO, pioneering the emergence of SEEDS, a financial ecosystem and digital currency designed to consolidate and empower the regeneration movement.

An avid explorer, he has visited 77 countries, where he has formed a solid network of collaborators. In his free time, you will encounter Franz finding inspiration in nature, climbing volcanoes, and exchanging with leaders across multiple disciplines.

Lisa Beck

"There is a network of energy in nature, a unifying system that each and every one of us is a part of and we can tap into. I dream of all beings on earth consciously connecting to this energy and letting themselves be led by nature."

Lisa originates from the European micro state Liechtenstein, and grew up in several countries and cultures, which prompted a growing sensitivity and curiosity towards all beings on earth and their interweaving with their natural environment.

Her dedication to the fields of human rights and environment has allowed Lisa to create a large network of public and private organizations, research institutes, international organisations and NGOs. Recognizing the ever-growing necessity of addressing  the countless symptoms plaguing our planet with holistic solutions that form the culture of integrity the planet demands.

With the launch of Integrity.Earth, her dream of empowering underprivileged communities and starting on the path to the restoration of our natural habitats is finally on its way to becoming truth.

When not studying something new, Lisa enjoys making things into art; as of late some of the artwork she enjoys is spending time in nature climbing a mountain or discovering nature's wonders, teaching yoga, painting, creating with her hands, cooking, and meditating.

Gebhard Beck

"There will always be people going in one direction while others pull in the other direction. This was fine until it was too late. Now everyone has to pull in the same direction – towards an environmentally sound and socially just world where we can live in harmony."

Gebhard Beck grew up in Canada and lived in several European countries before settling down in the European micro state Liechtenstein. As a young environmental engineer he quickly realized that central Europe is a bubble and a more global and inclusive way of thinking and acting is needed. By involving himself in Liechtenstein's increasing focus on the environment, working in energy and environment commissions on the local and national level, Gebhard seeks to address this need.

Liechtenstein's focus also lies on pioneering diverse breakthrough technologies and as such has implemented new laws such as a cryptocurrency and blockchain law, easing the establishment of grass-roots organizations.

With a broad knowledge of everything related to energy, renewable energy, environmental science, waste management, IT-stuff and Liechtenstein related, Gebhard brings the down to earth side to Integrity.Earth and manages the Integrity.Earth HQ in Liechtenstein.

As an interest-diverse person you will find Gebhard in his free time coaching start-up companies, at local political gatherings, enjoying nature, tinkering on a raspberry pi or reading one more book about epic fantasy.

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