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The Integrity Newsletter | 4th Quarter | 2023


Happy New Year!

Welcome to our newsletter of the last quarter of 2023! Our newsletter is no longer published on a monthly basis but only per quarter. That means, our newsletter reports retrospectively about our activities of the last three months. At the same time, we will announce what is coming up in the next quarter. We hope you enjoy browsing through what we have been up to lately.


Initiatives in Review | 4th Quarter 2023


With this project, we want to significantly increase the share of energy generated in Liechtenstein by 2030 and make photovoltaic electricity generated usable locally in heat generation and electromobility.

30th of November 2023 | Citizen information event in Vaduz "EnergyVision Vaduz 2030: Subsidies and Technologies"

At the end of November, we organised a public information event together with the municipality of Vaduz and provided an up-to-date overview of technologies and subsidies in the energy sector. Citizens were informed about energy issues in residential and industrial buildings in several short technical presentations. In addition, various energy consulting firms and companies from energy service providers and the "Energiefachstelle" were on site to answer questions directly and provide information. These included

  • EnVis AG, Vaduz,

  • Hasler Baumanagement (Franz Hasler AG), Gamprin-Bendern,

  • Neutros GmbH, Vaduz

  • and Lenum AG, Vaduz.

The municipality of Vaduz also offers subsidies for energy consultations for all properties found in Vaduz. Detailed information on this was also provided on this evening.


Integral Way of Living

An innovative initiative to research and prototype regenerative communities.

28th of September 2023 | Workshop RAUM.WIRKT in Fussach

The RAUM.WERTE method, developed by the renowned architect and mediator Ursula Spannberger, is revolutionising the way we design and use spaces. Based on a unique catalogue of criteria consisting of nine RAUM.WERTEN, this method enables a needs-based and functional design of spaces. It is aimed at a wide range of users, from architects to schoolchildren and people with special needs, and can be applied in various areas, from public buildings to living spaces.

In an all-day workshop at the old embroidery in Fußach, the method was presented and applied directly to the practical example of the old embroidery in Fussach in order to explore together how the old embroidery could be tailored to the needs of future users and given a new life.

Gianna Schreiber took part in the workshop and was able to take away many valuable points. We see great potential to incorporate the RAUM.WERTE analysis into the Integral Way of Life project and pass it on to municipalities as a resource.


15th of November 2023 | Workshop 2.0 on the topic of "Biodiversity and Society" at the University of Liechtenstein

Gebhard Beck and Gianna Schreiber once again had the pleasure of hosting an afternoon at Prof. Dietrich Schwarz's Architecture Studio at the University of Liechtenstein on the topic of "Biodiversity and Society".

Can we design buildings that are not only suitable for us humans, but also for the diversity of other living creatures - from birds to insects?

We are part of a larger ecosystem and need to adapt our design methods accordingly. Let the design of our living spaces consciously create niches that serve the needs of other creatures because one thing is clear, the well-being of humans and our planet stands and falls with a rich biodiversity.


Survey campaign is concluded. Now the result analysis begins!

We closed our survey in November. Our efforts to reach the Liechtenstein population through various channels resulted in a survey of 409 people. 

With our survey, we want to show the municipality where and whether there is interest in alternative, more sustainable forms of dwelling in Liechtenstein and the surrounding area. Are topics such as circular construction, sufficiency and communal living models resonating with the Liechtenstein population? Are the future trends described also relevant here?

Our vision is to use our survey to convince Liechtenstein's municipalities that this is the case and that there is a need for action to promote sustainable spatial development.We are looking forward to analysing the results! 

In January 2024, we will define the specific steps we can recommend to the municipality of Vaduz for sustainable municipal development based on our survey and feasibility study in a working group.

Publications of our survey in the fourth quarter

You are interested in joining our working group?

  • You are an architect? 

  • An expert for circular construction? 

  • Willing to invest in the realization of our project? 

  • Can you imagine living in a communal residence and would like to be part of it from the very beginning?

We are looking forward to your message! 



Through the Liechtenstein National Agency AIBA we develop projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

19th - 22nd of October 2023 | Successful DigitAgri. Training Course "Digitalisation and Innovation in the agricultural sector

In cooperation with regional educational partners in the agricultural sector, we concluded a certified 4-day training course on Smart Farming and Sustainable Agriculture from October 19th - 22nd, 2023.

For four days, we welcomed three Spanish participants from our partner organisation PactoVerde to Liechtenstein and guided them through our DigitAgri training programme on "Digitalisation and Innovation in Agriculture" together with participants from the region.

We visited the Ernährungsfeld and the Neufeldhof in Vaduz, the Agra and the Biohof Näscher in Mauren, spent a project day at the ZHAW in Wädenswil and visited the OLMA ("Ostschweizerischen Land- und Milchwirtschaftlichen Ausstellung") in St.Gallen.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone involved and the exciting insights we were able to gain. From milk production, to regenerative vegetable cultivation, to Agri-PV, to robotics and sensor technology in agriculture and much more.


Spring 2024 | Participants needed!

As part of our "AGROYOUTH" project, we have the opportunity to take part in a study trip to Spain organised by our partner organisation Pacto Verde to get to know modern farms in practice. 

Are you interested in agriculture and new technologies? Would you like to learn more about regenerative agriculture and digitalisation in this sector? Then get in touch with us now and come with us to Spain in spring 2024!



On June 17th, our project kick-off activity took place. In his presentation, expert Bernd Robbert from the Salez Agricultural School gave an overview of current technologies and background knowledge on smart farming.


23rd - 27th of October and 20th - 24th of November 2023 | More Training courses in Huelva, Spain completed!

Our interns Tanja and Wolfgang Mähr took part in two further Erasmus+ mobility training courses run by our partner organisation Inercia Digital. These were the training course "Facing Future Challenges in Education in the Digital Age" and "Collaborative Work in Education to have a Successful Entrepreneurial Experience". We are looking forward to incorporating Tanja and Wolfgang's knowledge from the courses into our activities.


28th of October 2023 | Lisa Allmayer at the Erasmus+ Brunch

Alongside Yvonne Deng from 7Gen GmbH, Lisa Allmayer from Integrity.Earth gave an input presentation on the topic of "sustainability".

We shared our experience in the sustainable implementation of Erasmus+ projects. It is clear to us that a regeneration approach should serve as the basis for all projects.

From our experience, we see that sustainable cooperation can emerge from an Erasmus+ project, especially if the majority of project activities take place in our local/regional environment or in parallel to the activities of our partner organisations (at their location). This can minimise travel distances, which was the biggest challenge for us, but more importantly, it creates a tangible ecosystem/network of regenerative projects and people.


Kick-off Project REC4localEU

REC4localEU project - Promoting community approaches to renewable energy in rural and remote European areas as a backbone for sustainable socio-economic growth. 

Together with our Italian project partners So.L.E and EuropAledro, we have recently launched a new Erasmus+ project in the field of vocational training. The aim of REC4localEU is to create conditions for the development of professional skills and knowledge in the field of renewable energy. The aim is to promote community initiatives such as self-consumption communities (ZEV or EVG for short, or RECs "Renewable Energy Communities") in rural and mountainous European communities.

2nd - 4th of November 2023 | Workshop in Ledro, Italy

For the kick-off, two of our team members travelled to Ledro to meet our project partners in person and plan the implementation of our project activities.

30th of November 2023 | Open Event Vaduz

The first information event as part of our project has already taken place. In the community hall in Vaduz, citizens were informed about energy issues in residential and industrial buildings in short presentations. In addition, various energy consulting companies were present to provide citizens with free advice.


Project Token for Change | Empowered: Young people help shape their future.

Integrity.Earth is a beneficiary of, the Liechtenstein European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) for inspiration, innovation and collaboration in Liechtenstein, with the "Token for Change" project. 

Token for Change is more than just a platform; it is a movement for a more inclusive and participatory economy and society, where the next generation has a seat at the table and a voice that needs to be heard. Join us in shaping the future you are a part of.

"The strength of a nation rests on the integrity of the home. To strengthen the youth is to strengthen the foundation on which the future stands." - Confucius

This program is aimed at young people and is specifically designed to strengthen the next generation. It is aimed at those who want to participate in the economy, contribute to innovation and make their voices heard on issues that are important to them. The aim is to bridge the problem of representation of young people and provide them with a platform to actively shape their future.To summarise:

  • Why? To overcome silos and effectively address systemic challenges for young people.

  • How? Facilitate spaces, methods and processes, supported by appropriate technology.

  • Who? A diverse group of stakeholders to identify and provide meaningful opportunities for young people.

  • What for?  To co-create solutions for transformative impact.

Stay tuned for the further development of the project and the launch of the first project activities in 2024!


News from our Team

287h of October 2023 | SDG Alliance workshop

How can the urgency and implementation of the SDGs in Liechtenstein be communicated in such a way that they are anchored among the various stakeholders (population, science, politics, business, NGOs)?

On the 27th of October, Gaston Fehr represented us at the SDG workshop, which was dedicated to the question described above. Thanks to intensive preparation by the SDG Alliance in collaboration with Collaboratio Helvetica, which also acted as moderator, visions and needs for effective implementation of the SDGs in Liechtenstein were developed with a timeline up to 2030.

It is important to us to strengthen cooperation within the SDG Alliance network in order to create an ecosystem/network of regenerative projects and people who are invested in each other's success.We look forward to the following workshops to concretise and consolidate the timeline and milestones!


30th of November - 12th of December 2023 | Franz Allmayer's visit to COP28 in Dubai

Franz Allmayer represented various organisations and movements at COP28 that are committed to a more holistic development paradigm. Among them was Integrity.Earth. Franz reports that the need for systemic change was emphasised in all discussions. In other words, a change that goes beyond the reductionist CO2 narrative.

But what could be done to improve global climate policy and prevent undue influence by the fossil fuel industry?

  • create alternative governance spaces for holistic resource management

  • ensure that these institutions are based on solidarity-based transparency and real accountability

  • ensure that these institutions promote science-based solutions to global challenges, and by science we mean #science not #$cience.

People around the world have now realised more than ever that change will not come from business or politics as usual. Global governance must be improved to include the rest of the world beyond the Global North.

As we move forward, we should use the momentum gained at the COP to bridge the gap between the political discourse and the realities on the ground. By taking a holistic approach that prioritises systemic change, we can pave the way to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Many thanks to everyone involved in creating these spaces for dialogue and collaboration. Together we can achieve a lot. 🌿


Let's join Efforts.

We are part of the platform!

Are you already familiar with the directory of charitable organisations and associations in Liechtenstein?

The directory was created to provide an overview of social and cultural commitment in Liechtenstein. You can find us in the "Environment and climate protection" category. 

A big thank you to SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. for making charitable commitment in Liechtenstein visible.


Become an Integrity.Earth sponsor for 2024

This year, we took part in many events and were able to strengthen our network.

We are looking forward to the coming year full of anticipation and zest for action. In order to continue implementing our regenerative initiatives in 2024, we cordially invite you to become a sponsor of Integrity.Earth

With a sponsorship of CHF 1000, you actively support our organisation's work and enable us to continue existing projects and expand new initiatives in 2024. If you are interested, please contact us by email at Every donation is invaluable to us. 

Would you like to get involved with our organisation in another way and support our mission to create a regenerative future for our planet? 

Get in touch with us! Together we can make a difference and protect our environment for future generations. Contribute


Integrity.Earth wishes a happy new year!

As we step into this new year, we would like to thank you for your support every step of the way.

The association wishes you a prosperous start to a happy and successful New Year! 

Enjoy the festive season and recharge your batteries for a buoyant start to a fulfilling year 2024, both professionally and personally.

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