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What we do

We work to promote the regeneration of our communities and environment. Our projects focus on creating sustainable solutions through research, advocacy, and education. We strive to create positive change and provide resources to help individuals, organizations, and communities reach their full potential. Join us in our efforts to help create a better future for all!




With this project, we aim to significantly increase the share of sustainable energy generated in Liechtenstein by 2030 and make it locally usable in heat generation and electromobility.



Integral Way of Living

In collaboration with the University of Liechtenstein and our regional partners, we are investigating sustainable, resource-saving and climate-positive ways of living.



Token for Change

Empowering young people to play an active role participating in decision-making processes and reducing barriers to their participation, among others with the support of blockchain-tools.

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Regenerative Consulting

In our consulting, we support companies and organisations in mastering the social and ecological challenges of our time. We promote the potential to create value-added cycles within and outside the company.




Together with our partners from Pacto Verde we intend to promote the agricultural sector among young people. We aim to connect around a regenerative, resilient, and decentralized approach to ensure generational renewal and guarantee food security.




Together with our partners cooperative SO.L.E and EuropAledro we aim to promote of community approaches for renewable energy in rural and remote European areas as a backbone for sustainable socio-economic growth.​

Upcoming Initiatives

We are excited to announce our upcoming initiatives that will help improve our community. We will be launching new programs and initiatives designed to help support our local businesses, create employment opportunities, and strengthen our local economy.

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Food Coop Liechtenstein

We support the cultivation and consumption of locally grown food by providing a local marketplace that includes the usage of other areas in addition to the agricultural land.

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Local Currency

Investing in local businesses not only supports the local economy, but also instills a sense of ownership and pride in the success of the community. This project aims to strengthen the local economy by using local currencies to increase circulation, and creates opportunities for individuals and SMEs to contribute to local wealth creation with their skills and resources.

Concluded Initiatives

We are happy to share We are thrilled to share the successful completion of the following projects. As we celebrate these achievements, we express our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of these endeavors.  improvement



Mesoamerica Regenerativa

Mesoamerica Regenerativa works in restoring and preserving key ecological corridors transcending borders and recreating historical trade routes to promote local value chains and connect communities throughout the sub realm.

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Our Mobility project "Developing sustainability, entrepreneurship and process innovation at Association Integrity Earth" is designed to improve our team's abilities to design effective educational content by attending our partner organization Inerciadigital's courses in Huelva, Spain.

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02 Integral Way of Living
03 Token for Change
04 Regenerative Consulting
06 REC4loaEU
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