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Experience Report Erasmus+ Mobility Praktikum with Integrity.Earth

This experience report was written by our intern Tanja Mähr. Thank you for your dedication and support towards our cause!


From 23 to 27 October 2023, I had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus programme "Future Challenges in Education" via Integrity.Earth. I received great support from Gianna at Integrity.Earth and was provided with excellent accommodation for the duration of my studies in Huelva.

Huelva is located in the south-west of Spain and is a very cosy city. There are a number of beautiful sights and excursion options in and around the city. I took part in the course together with a group of high school teachers from Bulgaria. As we were quite a small group, there was plenty of opportunity for interaction, exciting discussions about the valuable inputs and the chance to apply what we had learnt. On the one hand, we were presented with an interesting picture of the current state of education in European countries and beyond. On the other hand, we were presented with many IT tools to meet the challenges in the education sector and open new doors.

Course details:

Ort: Spain, Huelva

Kurstitel: Facing Future Challenges in Education in the Digital Age

Kursanbieter: Inercia Digital

Kursdauer: 5 days, 23.10. - 27.10. 2023

Kurssprache: English

New programmes and adapted process tools from the business world are designed to help bring together the diversity of needs, opportunities and goals and find an answer to complex situations. Entrecomp, Loom, Genially, Miro, Canva, Mentimeter and Quizizz are just a few of the many tools that have been learnt about and used. These are relevant not only for those involved in education, but also for all those who work with young people in different contexts.

The knowledge imparted is very helpful in order to be broadly positioned in the upcoming projects with Integrity.Earth and to be able to realise the goals set with a large toolbox of resources. I am delighted to be able to put all this to good use for young people and their future!

I am grateful for the experiences of this week - for the know-how I learned and the experiences in culture and with the people who were part of this course - many thanks to the Erasmus programme, Inercia Digital and Integrity.Earth!

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