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Our Story


We realize the shortfalls of our current system and its distance from nature.
Personal evolution brought us to this path of realizing the value of integrity in all situations of life. We strive to awaken our inner potential for cooperation and realize the importance of interconnectedness for moving toward the new paradigm.

This led to the creation of the organisation Integrity.Earth to bring a plethora of initiatives together, working towards regenerative development. We weave models of community participation for the benefit of all of life and consciousness. We co-create with diverse cultures around the globe, to create decentralized organisms of individuals, to become sovereign prosumers (producers & consumers).

We are active in many bioregions with relation to our 6 circles of action, co-creating with other organisations and individuals. We are spreading seeds for a healthy community and every seed we plant we consider the next seven generations, creating a culture to manifest the regenerative future.


The non-profit organization unites like-minded individuals and organizations in holistic regeneration work. Together with our partners, we generate momentum for real socio-ecological change.

We maintain a holistic network, thereby recognizing existing projects and their potential, and developing our own projects in the community. Through the network and the use of the latest technologies, we engage people. We create real-world examples that serve as models for entire regions and make our findings available to all.



With our systemic approach, we connect people, organizations and companies. We develop innovative projects and use the latest technologies to solve the most urgent problems of our planet. We create a livable future for generations to come.






Community – co-creation, collaboration, wellbeing.

Unity in Diversity.



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