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Our partnership with

Digital innovation. Meaningful collaboration. Sustainable business models. That is the slogan of Liechtenstein's European Digital Innovation Hub - and we are a part of it!

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) are a product of the European Union's „Digitales Europa“ (DIGITAL)  work programme and act as central points of contact that support companies and public sector organisations in responding to digital challenges and becoming more competitive (Digital Strategy EU).

The EDIH Network

With the EDIH Network, the European Commission aims to build a vibrant community of hubs and other actors that promote networking, collaboration and knowledge transfer between EDIHs, SMEs and midcaps, the public sector and other relevant actors and initiatives (Digital Strategy EU).

EDIHs combine the advantages of a regional presence and a pan-European network.

The European coverage of the network facilitates the exchange of best practices between hubs in different countries and the provision of specialised services in all regions when the required skills are not available locally. 50% of the funding is provided by DIGITAL, with the remaining 50% coming from Member States, associated countries, their regions and/or private sources. National governments and regional authorities play a central role in the selection of EDIHs by identifying and co-financing suitable candidates for EDIHs (Digital Strategy EU). was selected by the Liechtenstein government to implement the EDIH programme in Liechtenstein alongside competing implementation proposals.

A total of 136 EDIHs were put into operation in the EU in 2023. At, an inspiring platform for innovation and collaboration is being created. Seeing digitalisation and sustainability as one opens up unimagined opportunities for SMEs and the public sector in Liechtenstein.

«We inspire SMEs and the public sector in Liechtenstein to make a positive digital transformation that connects people through trust, transparency and purposeful action.»

Integrity.Earth is participating in the programme with the project Token for Change. More on this soon on our blog!

In the meantime, you can find out more about's activities and other cooperation projects here.

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