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sustainability, entrepreneurship and process innovation. 

This project is designed to improve our team's abilities to design effective educational content by attending our partner organization Inerciadigital's courses in Huelva, Spain.


For whom is our Mobility project?

Our mobility project "Developing sustainability, entrepreneurship and process innovation at Association Integrity Earth" is designed to strengthen our team in our ability to create effective educational content. Since we area a rather small team at Integrity.Earth we offered various internship positions for people interested in the trainings offered by our partner organisation Inerciadigital. Our interns travelled to Huelva, Spain with clear learning goals and tasks to be integrated into our work as an Association upon their return from their mobilities. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in this project and benefit from the resources and skills offered at our partner's training center.

Our Activities

These are the Trainings we followed:

We have concluded all our mobilities. It is not longer possible to participate.



The general objective of the course was to expand our skills for multimedia publishing in today’s content driven online experience.  This includes the use of digital tools to be able to organise, create, edit, and share documents, information and supporting material in different multimedia formats.

The objective of the course was to learn about strategic objectives, ranging from economic factors, but also cultural and social development, to environmental protection to be integrated into educational endeavors.

The objective of the course was to promote entrepreneurship competence, understood as a transversal competence necessary to increase personal autonomy, evaluating the potential and challenges of the entrepreneurial process.

The objective of the course was, first, to develop partnerships among educational community’ members; and then build ties between the educational system and other areas of people’s development (society, culture, economy, work and employment…) to promote entrepreneurship competence, understood as a transversal competence necessary to promote personal autonomy.

Experience Reports and Course Learnings

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