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Our effort for a successful energy transition in Liechtenstein by 2030.

With this project, we want to significantly increase the share of locally generated energy by 2030 and make photovoltaic electricity usable in heat generation and electromobility.


The slow implementation of appropriate measures to realize the energy transition shows a lack of capacity, time, and will/determination on the part of the municipalities and the country to realize their own goals.

We need to act now.

By signing international agreements, Liechtenstein has committed itself to effective measures in the climate crisis. With the adoption of the "Klima Vision 2050," the Liechtenstein Parliament has also determined that Liechtenstein will be climate neutral by 2050, i.e. greenhouse gas emissions shall be reduced to net zero by 2050.

Projet Phases

There is a need for coordinated offers, promotions and events across all organizations in the energy sector or with energy consulting on offer in order to cope with the ever increasing demand for energy consulting with reasonable time investments.

1 | Strategy Development & Structuring of our Network

Today EnergyVision is ideally and financially supported by 8 partner municipalities in Liechtenstein.
Phase 1 focused on co-developing practical processes for optimized procedures with local entrepreneurs and service providers. This included but is not limited to standardizing and simplifying offers, calculations and information for citizens and building owners in order to ensure comparability. 


2 | Implementation of Measurements

25 pilot projects and 178 meetings later, the focus for phase 2 now primarily lies on awareness creation on all matters relating to energy, construction, financial assistance, and mobility through informational citizen- and entrepreneur events. 
In addition, financing models to promote citizen participation in the expansion of renewable energy in Liechtenstein will be developed and tested. Furthermore, lighthouse projects such as vertical PV systems on facades and vertical agri-PV are to be investigated and implemented in 2023.


3 | Initiation and Expansion of Operating Phase

... to be announced.


Local Impact

By bringing together and coordinating all actors (stakeholder integration), EnergyVision contributes to the achievement of energy policy goals and initiates a cooperative process to realize the energy transition in Liechtenstein.

Financial Support Instruments 

Within the EnergyVision framework, financial instruments for the expansion of renewable energy in Liechtenstein including community and citizen participation will be created in order to eliminate the "showstopper" money in the local energy transition.

Local Business Opportunities

As a non-profit umbrella organization, Integrity.Earth can keep value creation and know-how in the region by involving local companies and service providers.

Reduction of Complexity 

Through the EnergyVision project, long-term and uniform building codes & regulations as well as subsidies for energy-producing plants are developed, which create the basis for a seamless implementation with the authorities in Liechtenstein.


Through our network of partner municipalities, synergies can be used with a focus on information and awareness of the population.

Our partner municipalities


Our Offer

EnergyVision Consultation

We offer EnergyVision consultations with concrete recommendations for the implementation of several options tailored to individual needs and buildings to offer independent, affordable, and proactive assistance, as a valuable basis for decision-making to optimize the energy management of your household. View an example report here.

For your home

We will review your home's heating and electricity system and draft a conclusive plan to optimize your energy system and management.

For your business

We review your business' electricity and heating system and draft a conclusive plan to optimize your energy system and management. On top of that we devise communal solutions for your building in the industry zone and propose business models for selling PV-generated energy from your industry buildings' roof.

For municipalities

We support you in devising large scale lighthouse projects for PV on public buildings and help you to optimize your energy management.


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