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The Integrity Newsletter | 1st Quarter | 2023

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


Welcome to our first newsletter of this year! This year our newsletter will no longer be published on a monthly basis but only per quarter. That means, our newsletter will report retrospectively about our activities of the last three months. At the same time, we will announce what is coming up in the next quarter. We hope you enjoy browsing through what we have been up to lately.


Initiatives in Review | 1st Quarter 2023


With this project, we want to significantly increase the share of energy generated in Liechtenstein by 2030 and make photovoltaic electricity generated usable locally in heat generation and electromobility.

25 pilot projects and 178 meetings later, the focus for phase 2 now primarily lies on awareness creation on all matters relating to energy, construction, financial assistance, and mobility through informational citizen- and entrepreneur events. The contrast between theory and practice within phase 1 revealed the six challenges above. From this, four main measures for phase 2 were derived.

  1. citizen events with "EnergieVision Impulsberatung,"

  2. business events with "EnergieVision Impulsberatung,"

  3. harmonization of licensing procedures/building regulations/subsidies from the state and municipalities and to

  4. define contact persons for partner communities for energy and building topics.

First EnergyVision events of phase 2 already took place. Integrity.Earth continues to be in active contact with the partner communities and further measures are planned as part of phase 2 of "EnergieVision", including citizens' events in the partner communities of Triesen, Vaduz and Balzers.

7th of February 2023 | EnergieZukunft | Schaan

This year we were already able to participate in two information events. For one at the EnergieZukunft event of the Liechtenstein government in the SAL in Schaan. Following a panel discussion with presentations by energy experts on the subject of energy generation, we presented our EnergyVision project at an information stand and were present to answer questions from curious visitors.

9th of February 2023 | Mut zur Energiewende | Balzers

Additionally, Gebhard Beck was able to introduce the "Mut zur Energiewende" event in Balzers with a keynote speech, which was followed by a panel discussion with various experts, including Gaston Fehr, another member of Various approaches and perspectives for overcoming the climate crisis and other challenges regarding energy policy were discussed. This event was organized by the Commissions for Economy, Energy, and Environment and was directed at entrepreneurs.


Integral Way of Living

An innovative initiative to research and prototype regenerative communities.

January 2023 | Start Phase 2 thanks to Municipality of Vaduz

At the end of January we were awarded a start capital by the municipality of Vaduz for the project "Integral Way of Living" and thus the implementation of phase 2 is now in full swing. The municipality of Vaduz, however, is not only a financing partner but plays an active role in phase 2 of our project. This is because there are many overlaps between the Sustainability Strategy 2030 of the municipality of Vaduz and our project. In order to jointly promote the achievement of the set goals, IWOL was recommended by the Sustainability Commission to the Municipal Council to gain financial support.

Another partnership that we are able to carry from Phase 1 into Phase 2 is our cooperation with the University of Liechtenstein. In March we organized a first workshop in Prof. Dietrich Schwarz's studio on the topic of Biodiversity & Society in the context of the cross-semester topic Space & Mobility.

Also this year a longer research studio will take place in collaboration with the University of Liechtenstein. This time the focus lies on the technical challenges of a regenerative prototype community in Liechtenstein. This concerns the necessary technologies to close the cycles of water, food, and electricity in a self-sufficient community, but also building regulations. What limitations exist?

These results will be carried into a working group consisting of representatives of the sustainability commission of the municipality of Vaduz, the building administration, architects of the LIA, representatives of the University of Liechtenstein, and the project team of the association and, if necessary, other interested parties, in order to provide concrete proposals for the adaptation of regulations for a sustainable community and landscape development in Liechtenstein.


"Above all, it takes courage and curiosity" | An Interview

Furthermore, we would like to highlight our interview with Architect Pia Rebekka Alge. She participated in our first Research Studio in Spring 22 and has since completed her Master's degree at the University of Liechtenstein. To our great joy, our seminars, which we conducted in the context of our project "Integral Way of Living", have been able to set an impulse and contribute to inspiring Pia to take up the topic of self-sufficient living and sufficiency in her master thesis. More about Pia's master thesis "UNIT" and her thoughts on regenerative architecture can be found on our website.


Video Project Pitch


Fundraising for "Integral Way of Living" is still open...

Our fundraising for Phase 2 is still in full swing. We are eager to hear back from the municipality of Schaan, the LIFE Klimastiftung Liechtenstein, the "Make it Circular Challenge", and the Umdasch Foundation where we have already submitted our project.



Through the Liechtenstein National Agency AIBA we develop projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

We are part of the Liechtenstein European Digital Innovation Hub!

After a long evaluation process, the EU has announced Liechtenstein's European Digital Innovation Hub nomination. Three projects from Liechtenstein submitted their applications and two of them were able to meet the high standards and requirements of the EU. The innovative concept of "" convinced the EU experts and independent selection committee and received the EU funding nomination. is an official partner of while three of our team members; Lisa and Franz Allmayer and Gebhard Beck are co-founders of


8th - 12th of May 2023 | Integrity.Earth goes to Spain!

In the beginning of May, we will participate in a 1-week training course titled "Multimedia Publishing in Education" by our Erasmus+ Mobility partner organization from Southern Spain. Our mobility project "Developing sustainability, entrepreneurship and process innovation at Association Integrity Earth" is designed to strengthen our team in our ability to create effective educational content.

Internship Opportunity

Are you interested in creating content for social media, video games or multimedia educational content? Do you enjoy traveling abroad and learning something new? Do you like being creative and are interested in sustainable development and digitalization in the field of education? Then apply with your CV and a motivational letter to the foundation and come with us to Spain!


Upcoming Events

17th of June | 2nd of July | 23rd of August 2023 | We are participating in the exhibition "Ich, die Zukunft"!

We are taking part in the exhibition "I, the future"! Starting in May 2023, a 35-meter-high tower will stand on the Lindaplatz in Schaan for 17 weeks and house an exhibition on urgent future issues. Parallel events and discussions on the 17 SDGs will take place.

Save the date! Our events will take place on:

  • Saturday, 17th of June on SDG Goal 7 "Cheap & Clean Energy";

  • Sunday, 2nd of July on SDG Goal 9 "Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure," and on

  • Wednesday, 23rd of August on SDG Goal 17 "Partnerships to Achieve the Goals".

We are looking forward to the contributions of all participating organizations, foundations, public institutions, and individuals and want to thank the organizers for this platform. To the" Ich, die Zukunft" dialog platform


30th of June - 1st July 2023 | ZukunftsForum Alpen | CIPRA

In December we took part in a first preparatory workshop for the "ZukunftsForum Alpen". As part of the "ZukunftsForum", which is organized by CIPRA international, associations, organizations, and committed individuals from Liechtenstein are offered a platform to present projects, initiatives, and activities on the topic of "Health and Climate Change". We will also be present with a market stall in the Lindahof in front of the SAL in Schaan!


News from our Team

We want to congratulate our team. members Lisa and Franz for the birth of their son Santiago!


26th - 27th April 2023 | Franz Allmayer participates in the Alternative Finance Forum in Thessaloniki!

The AFF2023 brings together representatives of the alternative finance scene from around the world to advance the resolution of urgent social and environmental challenges through innovative and efficient financial instruments. The two-day event is organized under the auspices of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the EIB Group.

More than 30 thought leaders from the fintech and social capital sectors will present their ideas and innovative solutions for developing sustainable financial services and novel business models. Among them Franz Allmayer who is representing, Hypha and the

But that's not all, Franz is participating online at the Economics Lab of the Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking on March 29th-30th, as well as at the B for Good Leaders Summit , which takes place in Amsterdam in May. He also recently had an article published in "The Weave Magazine".


Integrity.Earth is growing...

2023 is a big year for our association. We are excited to announce that our intern Gianna Schreiber will be joining our team for another year and is now transitioning into a permanent position. This not only grows our core team but our newly formed commercial arm, the Regeneration Genossenschaft, is now adorned with its first hire. In the future, all (commercial) services of Integrity.Earth will run through this offshoot. A big step for us and fruit of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our impact as an association.


Let's join efforts.

An Invitation

We invite you to join us in our mission to create a sustainable future for the planet. Together, we can make a real difference in our world and help protect the environment for generations to come. Contribute

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