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Stimulating exchange | Projektschmiede, Vaduz

Towards the end of October 2022, we had the opportunity to participate in the Projektschmiede that was hosted in the Vadozner Huus. Whether a project is about to start, has come to a standstill or new perspectives are needed; the Projektschmiede is a tool that supports people involved in projects in a co-creative way. Alongside two other “Initiator:innen” i.e. initiators, Gebhard Beck could present our project "Integral Way of Living".

One Breath – The Three Rounds

The Projektschmiede format began with a 3-minute pitch by each of the initiators before the creative process was opened. Each project was allocated a small team of “Mitdenker:innen” i.e., citizen co-thinkers supported by a coach and “Kompliz:innen” (experts) who were curated and personally invited by the Ideenkanal Stiftung. Resembling taking a breath, the creative process is broken down into three phases. In the first round, the project idea is stretched out.

All thoughts and ideas that come up within the group are taken in. In a second round, all teams are brought to a short halt for a critique stage.

In order for fresh perspectives to flow in, the teams rotate, before everyone reconvenes at their first project table in the third and last round, to try to define the project’s next steps.

Our Harvest

Our request that we brought to the Projektschmiede was to find ways in which can make our project politically viable for local municipalities. Our main takeaway was to revise our project roadmap and to break the project down into smaller, concrete phases that are more tangible for municipalities. Our project vision is inspiring but elusive due to the many aspects "Integral Way of Living" touches upon.

It was also emphasized that before we kick-off, we should first identify and confirm the need for regenerative communities among the local population as leverage to gain municipalities’ support.

This has led us to develop an awareness campaign 2023 for phase 2 of the project over the past weeks, which we can soon present to the municipality of Vaduz!

Thank you!

We thank all co-thinkers and experts for their valuable input. A special thank you goes to the coaches of the Projektschmiede Team who did a fantastic job in facilitating the creative process and discussion. And lastly, thank you to the Ideenkanal Stiftung and the Vadozner Huus for organizing and providing the infrastructure for this enriching evening.


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