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Rheintalgas | Food Waste | Small-scale Biogas Plant

Updated: Jan 24

The local association Rheintalgas is currently crowd-sourcing donations for Liechtenstein's very own biogas plant. The first small-scale biogas plant in the Rhine Valley will run on food waste and produce district heating on one hand and sustainable fertilizer on the other.

According to the association's founder, the biogas process is the best way to recycle food waste. With this project, he wants to emphasize that there are a lot of ways we can look at food waste and one of the ways is to utilize food waste in generating biogas.

With this project, his team also wants to showcase that biogas plants are efficient even on a small scale and are simultaneously even more sustainable than larger ones due to the shorter transport routes for waste collection. Once the plant is up and running, the Rheintalgas association plans on hosting regular tours and workshops on environmental protection and sustainability.

The association's vision and project align with our vision of circular economy and self-sufficiency. When donating to the initiative on you have the chance to choose the package "Energy consulting" from Integrity.Earth as a thank-you gift for the crowdfunding campaign.

There are six days left to support this initiative, so follow the link below to learn more about the project. By donating to this project, you will also become part of Triesen's way from "Energiestadt" (first in Liechtenstein) to the "Energiestadt Gold" label.

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