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Overshoot Day Liechtenstein (13. May)

The Overshoot Day for Liechtenstein took place this year on Friday, May 13th. On this occasion, the SDG Alliance Liechtenstein drew attention to the conscious handling of waste and recycling with an event at Elrec AG in Eschen, Liechtenstein.

In addition to Integrity.Earth's Marsha Lampert and Gaston Fehr participating as listeners and supporters, the Liechtenstein Society for Environmental Protection (LGU), Brockenstube Vaduz, Cornelia Wolf with the Zero Waste City concept, Hilti AG and of course Elrec AG were present.

A Liechtenstein citizen produces 884 kg of waste per year. This is significantly more than the European average of 504 kg - and points to a huge need for action. In order to enable future generations with a life worth living, in Liechtenstein this means, among other things, strengthening sustainable production. The SDG Alliance pointed out how important it is to move from a linear life cycle of a product to a circular cycle.

There are already many great initiatives in action, which LGU, Brockenstube Vaduz, Cornelia Wolf, Hilti AG and Elrec AG reported on. Even if a lot has already been achieved and ideas implemented, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the private, economic and social sectors.


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