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Healthy and fair nutrition for all (World Food Day 2021)

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Worldwide, almost 2000m2 of agricultural land are available per person for the cultivation of all food, cotton, tobacco, etc. The Vaduz food field makes it clear that we need twice as much space for our lifestyle. Others lack it.

How can you create a fair balance, establish a sustainable food system? How can the embodied energy be reduced and the ecological balance of our diet improved?

Numerous associations work towards this goal in the Fair Trade Town of Vaduz. We as the local, grassroots non-profit organization are looking forward to learning more about the different initiatives by the local and international organizations by participating in the event and collaborating in creating a more sustainable and regenerative future.

On Tuesday, October 19, 21 in Vaduz, LI, we are participating in the panel discussion about: Gray energy - waste and losses, world market logic and distribution in the food sector along with,

Using the following link you can Sign Up for the event which will have the following three segments:

  • The tour of the Vaduz food field (2 p.m. - 4 pm)

  • The evening event in Technopark Vaduz (5-7 pm)

  • The panel discussion, on-line

We look forward to your invaluable presence either online or offline in attending the event and also ask for your support in co-creating a new paradigm towards regenerating the local and global bio-regions of the world.


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