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Experience Report Erasmus+ Mobility Internship with Integrity.Earth

This experience report was written by our intern Fabrizio Manuele. Thank you for your dedication towards our cause and support in our project communication!


From September 11 to 15, 2023, I had the opportunity to complete an internship with the company Integrity Earth. This internship consisted of attending a five-day course in Huelva, Spain on behalf of the company. It was an exciting and educational week that I will not soon forget.

Application Process and Preparation My journey began when I learned about Integrity Earth through a friend. I was immediately interested and contacted them via email. After submitting my application materials, I followed up with an online interview. This interview was positive and soon I received my contract by email, as well as all the information regarding the course in Spain. The organization went smoothly and both the flight and the hotel reservation were quickly taken care of for me. The exchange with the Integrity Earth team was uncomplicated throughout via WhatsApp, which made the preparation very pleasant.

Course Details

Location: Spanien, Huelva

Course Name: Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Educational Organizations Valuing Eco-Environmental and Social Dimensions of Development

Training Provider: Inercia Digital

Duration: 5 Days

Course Language: English

The course, entitled "Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Educational Organizations Valuing Eco- Environmental and Social Dimensions of Development," spanned five days in the picturesque city of Huelva, Spain. A total of eight people participated, including three from Integrity Earth and five from an association in Finland. The course was led by a teacher and an assistant from Spain, who conducted the course in English.

The first day of the course focused on getting to know each other. We took an informative tour of Huelva and learned more about the city and its history. The second day was dedicated to "Sustainable Learning and Entrepreneurship." We gained valuable insights into sustainable education approaches and entrepreneurship.

On the third day we visited local stores run by entrepreneurs. Particularly impressive was a ceramics store where everything was handmade. This experience highlighted the importance of sustainable business at the local level.

The fourth day was dedicated to the United Nations' "Agenda 2030," which defined the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We learned how businesses and educational institutions can contribute to achieving these ambitious goals.

On the fifth and last day of the course, we started with an interactive game that summarized the knowledge we had acquired during the week. At the end, we wrote a test and each participant received a certificate for successful participation.

Daily Life and Leisure

The course took place every day from about 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. This allowed us to spend the afternoons according to our own preferences. We explored local restaurants, bars and the beach. We also visited cultural and historical sites. The good weather in Huelva helped to make these leisure activities especially enjoyable.

This week will certainly leave a lasting impression. It was a time full of valuable experiences and insights that have permanently changed my perspective on sustainability and entrepreneurship.”


Overall, my experience at Integrity Earth and the course in Huelva was extremely positive. I am very grateful for this opportunity and not only learned a lot about sustainability, but also met new people and visited great places. This week will certainly leave a lasting impression. It was a time full of valuable experiences and insights that have permanently changed my perspective on sustainability and entrepreneurship. I look forward to future opportunities to continue participating in projects like this and making a positive contribution to sustainable development - who knows, maybe even again in collaboration with Integrity Earth .

You are interested in joining us for the next training course with Inercia Digital in Huelva, Spain? Learn more here. If you want to have a chat with Fabrizio to learn more about what to expect in our Mobility internship do not hesitate to reach out to

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