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Internship Opportunity incl. 1-Week Course in Spain!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023


We are a young dynamic association that is engaged as a Think-&-do Tank, e.g. to advance the energy transition in Liechtenstein, to prototype a first self-sufficient residential community in Liechtenstein, to promote regenerative agriculture and to restore biological corridors in Central America by means of token economy.

Are you interested in creating content for social media, video games or multimedia educational content? Do you like to travel abroad and learn something new? Are you creative and interested in sustainable development and digitalization in education?

Then apply with your CV and a letter of motivation to Integrity.Earth!

The association Integrity.Earth offers you to participate in a 1-week course in Spain where you can learn about social media, multimedia publishing in education, video games for educational content and much more (see below for course content and dates). Choose a course that interests you and apply to take that course at Integrity.Earth. Upon successful completion of the course in Spain (with certificate of completion from Erasmus+), you will create 2-3 short projects for the association to complete your internship.


Travel flexibility in the selected course time, English skills around B2, interest for internship with a young dynamic association.

Course Dates

Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Educational Organizations Valuing Eco-environmental and Social Dimensions of Development – 11.-15. September

Facing Future Challenges in Education in the Digital Age – 23.-27. October

Tools supporting Educational Innovation – 6.-10. November

Collaborative Work to have a successful entrepreneurial experience – 20.-24. November

Learn more about the courses on offer. And read our intern Jaline De Leon's experience report about her internship at Integrity.Earth and training course with Inertia.Digital.

a: Buchenweg 4, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

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