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Successful Training Course DigitAgri - Project AGROYOUTH

Updated: Apr 2

In cooperation with regional educational partners in the agricultural sector, we organised a

certified 4-day training course from 19 - 22 October 2023 on smart farming and sustainable agriculture.

Generational change in rural areas, together with the promotion of innovation and digitalisation, is crucial to ensure a sustainable future in economic, social and environmental terms. It is particularly important that young people find access and a future in agriculture.

Together with our Spanish partner organisation Pacto Verde, we are addressing this issue and offering interested young people the opportunity to get to know the "agriculture of tomorrow" as part of the Erasmus+ project AGROYOUTH.

For four days, we were able to welcome three Spanish participants from our partner organisation Pacto Verde in Liechtenstein and, together with participants from the region walk through our DigitAgri training programme on "Digitalisation and Innovation in Agriculture".

We visited the Ernährungsfeld and the Neufeldhof in Vaduz, the Agra and the Biohof

Näscher in Mauren, spent a project day at the ZHAW in Wädenswil and visited the OLMA ("Ostschweizerischen Land- und Milchwirtschaftlichen Ausstellung") in St.Gallen. Read the report on our visit to the Weltacker in Mauren here.

Overall, we gained a wide range of insights into different aspects of agriculture during this training course, from the replanting of old local grains and vegetables to practical applications of digital technologies and programming exercises that we were able to try out ourselves.

In the following report, we have compiled our key findings from our course activities and linked to further resources on the topic of digitalisation in agriculture and regenerative agriculture. It's well worth a look!

Download PDF • 4.60MB

We would like to thank all the participants from the bottom of our hearts for the exciting insights we were able to gain. From milk production, to regenerative vegetable cultivation, to agri-PV, to robotics and sensor technology in agriculture and much more.

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