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Experience Report Erasmus+ Mobility Internship with Integrity.Earth

This experience report was written by our intern Gloria Asare Manuele. Thank you for your dedication towards our cause and support in our project communication!


Together with two other interns I flew to Andalusia, Spain from 11.09. - 15.09. on behalf of Integrity Earth to complete a 5-day course in sustainable entrepreneurship.

Application process Through Jaline (another intern), I came across the opportunity to do the internship at Integrity Earth. So I submitted my application, and a short time later I was invited for an interview. During the interview, they explained in more detail what the internship would be about and what my tasks would be during the course week. After the interview, it was clear to me that I wanted to become part of the team. If we had any questions or organizational matters, we could always turn to the contact person, who was always helpful.

Course Details

Location: Spanien, Huelva

Course Name: Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Educational Organizations Valuing Eco-Environmental and Social Dimensions of Development

Training Provider: Inercia Digital

Duration: 5 Days

Course Language: English

Three of us from Integrity Earth and five ladies from a Finnish association took part in the course. Classes started at 9 am on the first and following days and ended at 1 pm. At the beginning of the course we introduced ourselves and our association and played a get-to-know-you game to "break the ice". This was followed by a short introduction to the topic and an explanation of what was to come in the next few days. Followed by a tour of Huelva with the course instructor who gave us an insight of Huelva and allowed us to get to know the city. She was also very eager to give us tips and recommendations for activities, places to visit and places to eat at any time. In the course we were allowed to learn what makes sustainable entrepreneurs and what we can do as an association and as individuals to contribute to sustainability.

The developed results were presented and discussed again in detail. Among other things, we also got to know sustainable local companies that operate sustainably in Huelva through reuse and recycling. All entrepreneurs convinced us with their dedication, creativity and passion for their products and their vision.

On the last day of the course, we took an exam on what we had learned and received a certificate for participation. Afterwards there was a small feedback round and we said goodbye to the other participants and to the course instructor.

Daily Life and Leisure

Since the course ended at 1pm and we had beautiful weather every day, we always took the opportunity afterwards to discover the city and everyday life in Spain. We visited restaurants with local dishes, sights and museums that are very famous in Huelva and strolled through local stores. In the evenings, we got to experience the nightlife of Huelva and visited bars that always offered good drinks and snacks.

“ I am very happy and grateful that I was able to complete this internship together with Integrity Earth and can definitely recommend it.”


Looking back, I can say that the internship in Huelva was impressive. From the organization before the start of the course to the return trip, everything worked flawlessly. It was the perfect mix of learning and vacation, which made the week with my harmonious team fly by. I was able to gain new experiences, meet new people and learn new things.

You are interested in joining us for the next training course with Inercia Digital in Huelva, Spain? Learn more here. If you want to have a chat with Gloria to learn more about what to expect in our Mobility internship do not hesitate to reach out to

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