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Central America to Pioneer a Regenerative Financial Ecosystem and Digital Currency

Integrity.Earth is proud to announce a launch partnership with SEEDS.

SEEDS is a pioneering a financial ecosystem and conscious digital currency designed to empower humanity & regenerate ecosystems.

Integrity.Earth facilitates the convergence of the regenerative society into co-creative development processes that respect a holistic understanding of our interwovenness with life.

This partnership will catalyze the emergence of bio-regional economies of abundance and will be instrumental to the five year plan to Solving the Central American Migration Crisis through Regenerative Development.

Together, we will sustain a program of Regenerative Development through community empowerment focused on restoring essential ecological corridors and address the systemic causes of the migration crisis. We are pioneering a whole-system transdisciplinary approach that combines proven frameworks of best practices in ecological restoration in conjunction with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities.

Central America, with a high potential for regeneration, offers a unique opportunity to effectively address a complex systemic failure that risks driving millions to emigrate from the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) and improve the resilience of Costa Rica and Panama through large-scale regenerative development.

Our pathway to restore ecological balance to the region while safeguarding the long-term livelihoods of communities starts with targeting essential biological corridors over a five-year period, where we intend to build capacity for broad impact, as follows:

• Co-creating regenerative economies with all stakeholders through multidisciplinary solutions that build resilience at the local level.

• Enhancing community building and participation, especially the capacity of youth, through empowerment and education.

• Incubating entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and small enterprises, inclusive to women and youth, establishing value chains for sustainable market opportunities.

• Developing regenerative agriculture programs that optimize food production through land-use-planning and the recovery of local biodiversity, linked with local ancestral knowledge.

• Developing regenerative tourism models and frameworks.

• Facilitate access to innovation technology for rural communities (i.e. sustainable energy production) allowing for youth to identify with local development

• Safeguarding and the recovery of essential biological corridors that sustain biodiversity levels and build resilience to climate change.

We are proposing a far-reaching, long-term solution that consolidates existing and emerging efforts in the region towards systemic integrity. This will open up a pathway for effective replication and scale, allowing all of us to converge around a well-being economy that sustains life.

We are all stakeholders of this planet. We look forward to co-creating a sustainable planetary culture with you.

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