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Solving the Central American Migration Crisis through Regenerative Development

The Earth is in planetary overshoot and collapse. The conditions required for individuals and societies to develop and thrive are no longer sustained by the planet’s biophysical processes. This situation is exemplified by the migration crisis in Central America, driving increasing numbers of families to make life-risking journeys in search of better odds for survival.

Capital Institute, UCI, and Integrity.Earth have joined forces to solve the Central American migration crisis through regenerative development.

Leveraging our partnerships in essential biological corridors in the region, we propose a pioneering whole-system trans-disciplinary approach that combines proven frameworks of best practices in ecological restoration in conjunction with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities that depend on a functional environment.

Through regenerative agriculture we can restore biodiversity levels in addition to increasing food security. Coupled with the restoration of ecological corridors, we can capture large amounts of carbon into the soil to harmonize the biophysical processes required to sustain life.

Through regenerative economics we can foster conditions for entrepreneurship, create circular economies for value exchange, and enable cross-sector cooperations to flourish, for example by fostering innovative tourism models that allow for local economic development and thriving communities.

Our solution is designed to effectively address a complex systemic failure that risks driving millions to emigrate from the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) and fortifies the resilience of Costa Rica and Panama to alleviate the migration crisis through large-scale regenerative development.

In order to strengthen this whole system approach we welcome collaborators though our co-creation platform to claim a role. The key is to harness the innate cooperative nature found within all of humanity, allowing us to work towards attaining our common goals.

We are all stakeholders of this planet. Together we are establishing the foundations for a fully decentralized organizational governance and financial system that rewards and facilitates this convergence. We look forward to collaborating and co-creating a sustainable planetary culture with you.

Integrity.Earth 2019

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