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Experience Report Erasmus+ Mobility Internship with Integrity.Earth

This experience report was written by our intern Jaline De Leon. Thank you for your dedication towards our cause and support in our project communication!


I flew to Spain with Integrity Earth from 09/11/2023 - 09/15/2023 to attend a 5 day course.

Application Process

This was my second time applying to Integrity Earth and again I sent my application directly to Integrity Earth via email. After a few days, I received an invitation to an interview and was accepted. Together we worked out the tasks and requirements and the contract was sent to me. With the acceptance and the participation in the course I will do another internship at Integrity Earth. Exciting tasks are waiting for me in Spain, such as shooting and editing videos of our course week on site. I was in regular email contact with my contact person. Since we already knew each other, everything went smoothly. She was again very helpful and took care of the entire organizational part.

Course Details

Location: Spanien, Huelva

Course Name: Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Educational Organizations Valuing Eco-Environmental and Social Dimensions of Development

Training Provider: Inercia Digital

Duration: 5 Days

Course Language: English

We were a total of 3 people from Integrity Earth and there we met 5 other people from Finland. We 8 people, introduced ourselves and got to know each other with a little game in the beginning. We were all allowed to work together on site different institutions in the field of sustainable business creation, which value ecological, environmental and social dimensions. Like for example In the picture on the right. The company 'Keramos'. We were also allowed to be creative during the days and presented our projects to each other in small groups.

Together with Inercia Digital we also visited different places of interest to get a little insight into the area of Huelva. At the end of the 5 days there was an exam on the content of the course and an evaluation of the course was done.

Daily Life and Leisure

Since I have already visited Huelva, I showed my team some great destinations, restaurants and beaches. Since we didn't fly there in the high season, there were few tourists, but we didn't mind and there are always nice bars for young adults.

My team and I also always did something after class to see the city. Activities such as a visit to a museum or trying out a new restaurant were of course not to be missed.

“ The greatest sight there is is the world - go see it.”


I am so grateful to Integrity Earth for giving me the opportunity and accepting me for a second time to Huelva. You were able to learn a lot of new things about 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship, educational organizations valuing eco-environmental and social dimensions of development' at Inercia Digital . I can only repeat myself and would recommend everyone to take advantage of such an opportunity. I personally would do it a third time as well, as I am always ready for new experiences. The team of Integrity Earth is a very open, young, interested and warm team, this makes you feel comfortable, which made the time in Spain nice and easy.

You are interested in joining us for the next training course with Inercia Digital in Huelva, Spain? Learn more here. If you want to have a chat with Jaline to learn more about what to expect in our Mobility internship do not hesitate to reach out to

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