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Roundtable | Children's Rights Day

In the picture fLTR: Margot Sele (OSKJ), Marsha Lampert (Integrity.Earth), Achill Kind (Jugend Energy), Gabriele Buhre (Familienraum), Michaela Hogenboom (Feldfreunde), Silke Knöbl (Textinum), Daria Kropshofer (LGU), Maya Mathias (Cypra), Conny Biedermann (Kunstschule), Elisabeth Müssner (Ackerschaft / OJA), Nathalie Jahn (aha), Monica Bortolotti Hug (Netzwerk), Virginie Meusburger (aha), Juliana Beck (Kreativ Akademie) Not pictured: Angelika Rusch (Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium), Georg Sele (VCL)

Children's Lobby Liechtenstein hosted a Children's Rights Day Roundtable on June 7, 2022 and Marsha from Integrity.Earth was one of the participants.

On June 7, various representatives of organizations in Liechtenstein met to focus on the topic of "Sustainability, Environment and Climate" for the year 2023. Initiated by the Kinderlobby and in cooperation with aha Liechtenstein, the meeting took place at Technopark Vaduz in the loft of Kreativ Akademie.

We exchanged ideas about our strengths and found synergies for upcoming projects. A central question was how we can work more intensively with each other and better communicate our great projects to the outside world. The meeting was efficient and informative, very valuable and necessary. The short tour of the Makerspace right next door gave us further inspiration to take the topic into our hands together. We are looking forward to the next meetings in the working groups to realize concrete projects.

True to the motto: Act Together!


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