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Biodiversity Day 2022 | Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Updated: May 31, 2022

Integrity.Earth participated in the 1st Biodiversity Day in Vaduz!

As an association based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, we contributed to the visibility of this issue. For Integrity.Earth this was the first participation in such an interactive event and accordingly, we were full of anticipation! After intense rain during the night, the day started with sunshine, which was good for our parabolic mirror, for example. The Energiewerkstatt Grabs provided us with the parabolic mirror and we were able to show how much heat can be generated with this simple system. Despite the changing weather, the Gajar Halwa (Indian carrot-nut dessert) we prepared for our visitors could be warmed up and offered to the visitors for tasting.

There was also cake, chai tea as well as coffee, our contribution to the culinary diversity at the event and also as a sign of the diversity within our team. The children could do handicrafts with clay and draw, while our team informed the interested visitors about our projects. With the presentation of our EnergyVision, the Integral Way of Living, the Regenerative Consultancy, and our outreach in Mesoamerica, we were able to have some conversations and found many points of contact. The sporty visitors hopped on our bicycle and tested how much energy can be generated with a bicycle.

It was a great experience and we were happy to be there. We were able to network intensively with the other participating organizations, associations, and farmers and inform our visitors about our work.

As a contribution to biodiversity, we launched a competition, which will run until June 5th. With the app "iNaturalist" you can document biodiversity worldwide. For this purpose, we have launched the project "Biodiversity in Liechtenstein".

It's worth taking part, you can win a voucher for the Hoi Shop in Vaduz!

Download the app and get started.

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