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The Integrity.Earth DAO

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The Integrity.Earth Network is slowly growing into a vibrant global community of members, sharing knowledge in and building bridges across regions, sectors and thematic fields. Imagine if we could integrate the contributions of all our members and their organizations into a decentralized impulse for genuine transformation.

Now we can!

We have reached a long-awaited point in the unfolding evolution of the blockchain and the Web 3.0 ecosystem: the DAO moment. The timing of this moment is fortunate as a pantheon of “wicked problems currently challenges us (humanity as a whole).” Problems like ecosystem collapse, the accelerating breakdown of social and political coherence, and the event horizon of exponential technology.

What is the DAO?

A DAO is a decentralised autonomous organization:

Decentralized = Online, global, uncensorable

Autonomous = Self-governing

Organization = Coordination & collaboration around shared objectives

In the early stages of Web 1.0, publishing became democratized and anyone could code a simple website and start blogging. Web 2.0 scaled these activities worldwide through giant platforms such as Google, Facebook and Squarespace. Web 3.0 is the next wave, where service providers are replaced by open-source software and globally-distributed individuals working together on common goals.

Integrity.Earth’s intention in the first phase is to adopt the DAO for its ongoing projects and learn from this integration. These explorations will be instrumental to define how to collaborate on a project in the Web 3.0 space, identifying and assigning roles and outlining the next steps and timelines.

In a second step, the DAO will be opened up and expanded to its network of collaborators, uniting the wide variety of contexts and developing a common framework that weaves together people and organizations from the network towards evolved forms of governance and integral economies.

After years of centralized power, the evolution of the internet (Web 3.0) is enabling us to route around old hierarchies and impediments to progress. DAOs are emerging as the natural governance structure for online collaborations.

The tools of the Web 3.0 space are creating new opportunities for any group of humans who want to acknowledge contributions to a common cause and or govern a shared pool of resources.

The architecture of a DAO makes hierarchies unnecessary, as a direct voting infrastructure is built into the protocol. In this way, DAOs have replaced the central core of human organization with software, distributing power to the peripheries in a fair and transparent way.

These tools help communities and organizations democratically and securely record collective decisions for all to see. They can incentivize participation and work to achieve common goals. They use tokens to help nurture exchange & trading between a large variety of local, regional and global teams, communities and organizations.

As a result, the network will be able to more creatively distribute voice and value amongst its members to more equitably reward contributions to increase scale and achieve the common goals.

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