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Seeds is the new economy in Ixil

This article is an English translation of an an article originally authored in Spanish by Pedro Caba Mendoza. Link to original article in Spanish: Seeds La nueva economía en Ixil

Seeds is the digital cryptocurrency that has a presence in the Ixil region, which consists of three municipalities, Chajul, Cotzal and Nebaj, located in the department of Quiché, Guatemala.

The millenary Ixil region left to us by our Ixil Mayan ancestors, appreciated and preserved today through the language, customs, cuisine and clothing that represents the enduring history and stories.

The Ixil population suffered 36 years of internal war, which caused many killings by the elites of the state of Guatemala in the years 1960 to 1996, the economy in the region has been growing over the years, but has also suffered from the political corruption that impacts the country of Guatemala.

The Ixil region has a fertile territory for the production of food needed for families; each Ixil family always has plots full of crops. However, farmers do not have support from the government and are sometimes unaware of what to do. In each plot of the farmer families there are varieties of crops that are native, traditional and organic from seeds cultivated with the Mayan Ixil knowledge, which places importance on a high nutritional value in each dish, to provide the vitamins, zinc, iron etc., that are vital for the human body.

With its economic injection, SEEDS helped the committee of farming families and farmer’s market in the Ixil region, where each family receives Seeds for the diversity of crops they have in their plots using the practices and knowledge of ancestral Ixil science.

Seeds are helping 20 farmers who take care of their territory, who at the same time work to have fresh products to offer to the Ixil population, produced naturally with organic fertilizers and ancestral practices.

The idea of producing food is to build the system of regeneration of human life and Mother Nature that little by little is being destroyed by the modern farming practices and systems that destroy the minerals provided by Mother Nature, used by an elite group of the country’s economy and minority groups that control the world.

The regeneration of mother Earth is the primordial basis of human life, that is why the Ixil family values it, cares for it, protects it and defends it in the face of so many adversities that occur in the Ixil territory.

The committee and farmers’ market of the Ixil region invites the population of Guatemala and international population to use Seeds, decentralized and personalized for use, as they belong to the general population using the blockchain technology that gives security in the buying and selling of Seeds.

Thank you. Ta’n Tiuxh.

Lu’ Ma’r/Pedro Caba Mendoza

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