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Seeding Bioregional Well-Being Economies

Updated: May 3, 2021

The way to truly prosper during times of converging crises is to build thriving and resilient communities.

To promote greater systemic well-being and a better future, we must move to co-create trans-disciplinary solutions that seek regeneration.

Do you envision a more beautiful direction for the socio-economic development of your community? Align with SEEDS and let’s make it happen!

Launching a Bioregional Ambassador Program to Catalyze the Emergence of Well-Being Economies

Together, we will sustain programs for Regenerative Development through community empowerment that are focused on restoring essential ecological corridors in conjunction with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities

Bioregional Ambassadors weave together ethical people and organizations into regenerative economies that build systemic health.

Standard pilot funds per bioregion/community : 50,000 Seeds Note: Adjustments can be made on a case-by-case basis.

How to Apply?

  1. Gather at least 7 people (SEEDS Accounts) from your Community/ Bioregion as sponsors of the proposal and who will help distribute the Seeds. Your team will help build a multi-stakeholder network bringing together the key people involved in various aspects of land management and economic development in your community.

  2. Envision a preferred direction for economic development that balances conservation, regeneration, economic and social goals to achieve the desired future.

  3. Cultivate your vision: Make a forum post sharing your vision in the SEEDS Passport under, “Bioregional Regeneration Updates”. Here, you can gain further support from local, regional, and global partners.

  4. Submit your proposal outlining your project and requesting the Seeds (pilot funds) for your bioregion/community.

  5. Receive funds — grow community, heal our planet and do amazing things!

  6. Monitor the benefits to the landscape ecosystem and society and keep the community up-to-date in the forum.

  7. Grow and repeat. When you run out of funds, you can request for more and report back to the community on how the first batch was used. If the impact is powerful you could potentially get more and expand.

Earn “trust” in the SEEDS community and your potential is limitless.

Further details: “Financing campaigns for a healthier world! — How to apply to run a SEEDS campaign

Some examples of possible pathways that build capacity for broad impact include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Co-creating regenerative economies with all stakeholders through multidisciplinary solutions that build resilience at the local level.

  • Enhancing community building and participation, especially the capacity of women, youth, elderly and people who are disabled, through empowerment and authentic education.

  • Incubating entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and small enterprises, inclusive to women, youth, elderly and people who are disabled, establishing value chains for sustainable market opportunities.

  • Developing regenerative agriculture programmes that optimise food production through land-use-planning and the recovery of local agro-biodiversity, linked with local ancestral knowledge.

  • Developing regenerative tourism models and frameworks.

  • Facilitate access to innovation technology for communities (i.e. sustainable energy production) allowing for youth to identify with local development

  • Safeguarding and recovering essential ecological corridors that sustain biodiversity levels and build resilience to climate change and overall systemic health.

The virus and the economic collapse have successfully paralyzed the entire world, but at the same time, they will catalyze and consolidate the regenerative movement, uniting communities across the planet towards a shared vision of systemic well-being.

What counts now is that each one of us takes personal responsibility for the global transformation of which we are collectively apart, integrating efforts towards authentic sustainability, freedom and peace.

It is time for a new story. Let’s build community. Let’s build trust.

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