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Review of the First Concept Workshop: Token for Change

On 2 May 2024, a concept workshop was held at the Technopark Vaduz, organised by Integrity.Earth as part of The goal of the workshop was to advance our project "Token for Change." This project aims to give young people a voice in the economy, society, and politics, providing them with a platform to actively shape their future.

Participants and Goals of the Workshop

15 dedicated individuals from the youth and participation sector in Liechtenstein attended the workshop. Together, they shared experiences and visions to strengthen youth participation in the country. The central questions of the discussion were:

  • Are young people in Liechtenstein motivated to get involved?

  • Do they feel heard and valued?

Overview of the "Token for Change" Project

The "Token for Change" project aims to give young people a voice and involve them in shaping their future. It is based on several key approaches:

  • Network Building: All relevant stakeholders, especially the young people themselves, should be networked to ensure effective youth participation.

  • Platform Development: A simple platform or app will be developed in collaboration with young people, allowing them to share their opinions. This platform should be quick, easy to use, and fun.

  • Integration of Tokens: An innovative element of the project is the integration of tokens. Participants earn these tokens for their engagement and can redeem them at local municipalities for food or event tickets.

Context of the Project

The "Token for Change" project addresses various challenges and perspectives in the region:

  • Economy: Young motivated people are not sufficiently reached by the economy.

  • Politics: The urgency of youth participation is not yet adequately recognised politically.

  • Society: There are contradictory views on youth engagement. Some believe that young people are disinterested and isolated, while others see a motivated youth that is not effectively addressed.

Next Steps

The concept workshop was an important step in forming a joint working group and advancing the project. The experiences and visions shared by the participants will be incorporated into the next phases to enable effective and sustainable youth participation in Liechtenstein. We look forward to further collaboration and are excited about the many great ideas that can be implemented together.

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