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Integrating Regenerative Efforts

Updated: May 3, 2021

The real promise of the digital age is to restore the integrity of the values and modalities eroded through the takeover of centralized currency and outdated models in politics, finance, and economics. Instead of building our entire economy on debt-based money and trickle-down economics that promotes a mono-culture of induced scarcity and separation, imposing over all other forms of diversity, both cultural as well as biological, we now have the tools and technological capacity to empower and scale our innate human ability to cooperate and exchange with one another, enabling us to converge around bio-regional economies of unprecedented abundance.

Invisibly connected in a shared attempt to bring about a more sustainable future, a plethora of initiatives, movements, new forms of enterprise, and lifestyle experiments encompassing all aspects of life continue to emerge. We now have a unique opportunity to transcend fragmentation and integrate these impulses into a worthy planetary response adequate to the scale of the complex systemic failure we find ourselves in.

SEEDS serves as a fully decentralized organizational governance and a financial ecosystem that redefines what currency can do for society. Inspired by the mycelial networks that sustain complex ecosystems, SEEDS connects people and organizations in ways that regenerate and distribute value more effectively, benefiting the long-term well-being of the whole system.

In this pivotal moment, the restoration of the earth’s key climate systems and its self-regulating capacity to sustain life is a survival imperative. The shift needed to fix the earth’s carbon cycle requires us to rapidly transition from the fossil-fuel-based system that destabilized it towards a biodiversity-based civilization. A vehicle that allows people to find unity in diversity and catalyze cooperative efforts towards a shared vision of change where everyone can thrive, is a game changer.

In order to transmute the shortfalls of “trickle-down economics”, which shape our current paradigm, SEEDS equitably distributes value generated from a robust circulatory flow of currency directly into the accounts of people and organizations that are contributing towards the growth and maintenance of a healthy economy, community, ecology and society; supporting and accelerating the adoption of regenerative practices which otherwise would be lost in market failure. Mimicking nature’s holistic qualities for exchanging value, it enables a co-creative, grassroots, and fully scalable effort that aligns radical empowerment of purpose with finance to harmonize people into right relationship with community and place. Synergistically unlocking creativity and cooperation at scale is fertile ground for abundance to flourish. These qualities represent our most effective tools to resolve the complex system failure we collectively face.

While debt-based currencies of today continue to depreciate in value at staggering rates, Seeds are an “intrinsically stable” currency that benefits users as they contribute to the expansion of a well-being economy where cultural and biological diversity can be naturally sustained. In this context, we put forth a compelling financial tool attracting both small- and large-scale funding that rewards both earth protectors and investors seeking a more stable currency in a more sustainable ecosystem.

Applying a living-systems understanding of what makes networks healthy, positive feedback loops and transparent protocols allow us to channel our shared purpose to sustain effective programs of regenerative development that enable the rapid systemic transformation that is required. Utilizing SEEDS as a vehicle to aligning finance with purpose, we can accomplish the following for example:

  • Co-creating regenerative economies inclusive of all stakeh