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FoodCoop Liechtenstein

Hand Holding Radish

We support the cultivation and consumption of locally grown food by providing a local marketplace that includes the usage of other areas in addition to agricultural land.

  • Progressively, people are taking pride in living lives that are rich in time, and mindful in consumption. The cultivation of the art of living is gaining as a viable pathway to happiness and status.

  • Our strategy is to weave the existing and emerging diversity of organisations that shape the regional food economy into a nationwide cooperative venture framework – all of which align around a shared vision for the socio-ecological development of their community.

  • The venture cooperative leverages a blockchain-based framework to deliver key functions such as contribution accounting and decentralized payroll. These functions enable the aggregation of multiple forms of the capital where contributions can be represented in the form of digital tokens that allow for the generation and direct distribution of value to all shareholders involved, based on their contribution.

  • This aligns financial incentives among different actors across the system via transparent economic models that incentivize cooperation and build trust around a shared purpose defined by the members of the cooperative

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