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A Worthy Planetary Response

Aktualisiert: 8. März 2022

How do we co-create a sustainable planetary culture in the fastest possible time?

The missing component required for a worthy planetary response, suitable to the scale of the challenges we face in the 21st century, is to transition from a culture driven by fragmentation to one of integrity.

To restore integrity is to enable the effective translation of the numerous best-practice theories into the actualization of a sustainable planetary culture at the service of all citizens of the earth in the shortest possible time. This requires us to shift our collective awareness from seeking mere incremental change over the countless symptoms plaguing our planet to effectively addressing the challenges by their roots. Immersed in a fragmented system of induced scarcity we confuse what is with what is not. Only by addressing this fundamental lack of integrity can we start moving into the right direction and transcend the cultural conditioning that keeps humanity under the illusion of separation.

Integrity, not only delimited to the degree of effective translation of ideas into practice, but also in its meaning of including the whole. In other words, making this change an inclusive reality for all citizens of the world, without leaving anyone behind and without ecological offense.

Moreover, integrity is inherently holistic, in the sense that the theories of change to be adopted must not only be inclusive to all views but also in representation of what unites all views. Integrity is structured and fortified by amalgamating different perspectives into a consensus that takes everyone into consideration yet allows the determination of timely and scalable solutions. The broader the diversity represented within a system, not only in culture but also in biodiversity, the more resilience and abundance can resurface. In fact, there is boundless untapped value in crowdsourcing wisdom from the diversity of people throughout the planet. No artificial intelligence can compete with the wisdom found across communities worldwide, and even more so as we rediscover how to work together towards our common goals.

If integrity means inclusiveness, then it must also be transparent. Laying open overarching conversations for the world to participate in, leaves systems dominated by secrecy and fragmentation exposed. As people throughout the world find alignment and rediscover that we have more in common than we have been conditioned to believe, the legitimacy required to find unity in our common efforts is restored. Transparency, therefore, not only optimizes communication between large groups, but also fosters a culture of trust and understanding which nurtures empathy.

As we recognize the magnitude of the problems we face as citizens of the planet and the insufficient response from the institutions that claim to represent us, it is imperative to restore our ability to cooperate and resolve the grand challenges in a unified and effective manner, enabling a combined effort to sustain life. Only through inclusiveness we can unlock the vast potential for cooperation that has been kept dormant. The key is to harness the innate cooperative nature found within all of humanity, allowing us to work towards attaining our common goals.

The gap separating people from the institutions that govern us needs to be resolved. In the original conception of democracy in the public forums of ancient Greece policy was openly discussed, welcoming all stakeholders to voice their views and find consensus in moving forward. This powerful method succumbed to its own success as nations grew rapidly. Perspectives became too numerous to allow for air-time in the decision-making process. Collaborative decision making was no longer possible as inclusiveness was hampered due to limitations of time and space. Instead, politicians were enacted to represent voters’ interests. This was the first step in distancing people from governance. This method diverged from its original intent. Fast forward, current practices of democracy have become devoid from their original function as citizenry appear to have been dropped-out from the equation completely, sparing only the illusion of choice.

In response to the planet’s overwhelming demand, requiring us to find unity in diversity, in order to restore harmony within our biosphere, we have launched Integrity.​

Integrity is a grass-roots corporation operated by the collective for the collective leveraging the principles of cooperation, inclusiveness, and transparency; with the mission to restore a sustainable planetary culture.

Inspired by the open-forum democracy of ancient Greece, our co-creation platform allows us to identify, co-create, and scale solutions that provide for all. Information technology today enables us to leverage these timeless principles and once again restore legitimacy over institutions, this time for the benefit of the whole planet.

As we reach critical mass in recognizing the need for unified action, we have created an organization that embodies the will of the collective in an innovative and transparent manner, empowering the ever-growing community that recognizes the abundant nature of our planet, and honors the universally applicable natural law. Addressing both local and global matters, citizens now can shape their future directly and not have it depend on institutions unaccountable to them. This is an essential component to bring about peace and prosperity, through which people in a joint effort can leverage and channel existing resources for a collaborative rather than a fragmented approach to reconciliation.

As diverse people from all over the planet partake in this process of co-creating a culture that respects a holistic understanding of our interwovenness with life, an integral economy adequate for today's needs results, linking conscious consumers to conscious producers in a participatory relationship. Change is facilitated when confronted with partaking in an integral economy that provides value to all stakeholders, or partaking in extractive economies fixated on profit over people and planet. By consolidating a viable alternative in which to participate, a movement emerges making systems based on scarcity redundant.

Our planetary well-being requires an integral worldview that caters for all life without exception. The current epoch requires of us to make conscious decisions contributing towards the global shift we are collectively part of.

We are all stakeholders and shareholders of this planet. We look forward to collaborating and co-creating a new paradigm with you.

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