Well-being Communities

We intend to contribute to a holistic future for the planet, which leads to the promotion of healthy communities, appreciation of natural exchange, trust building, and cultivation of resilience.

A conceptual framework for thriving communities:

  1. Economy and Opportunities: Provides fair access to meaningful employment, affordable housing, transportation, healthy food, clean water, comprehensive health care, quality education.

  2. Community engagement: Recognizes our interdependence, nurtures trust, mobilizes and promotes an inclusive exchange of talent and resources.

  3. Ecology and Place: Takes into account the networking of people and ecosystems for a sustainable and regenerative home in which each other and the commonplace are taken care of.

  4. Mind-body well-being: Promotes, celebrates and supports physical and mental well-being for all.

  5. Strong social relationships: Rich in personal connections that promote belonging.

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