Ganzheitliches Liechtenstein

Targets: Net-zero energy-related CO2 emissions
            Percentage of renewable energy 100%
            2000 watts primary energy demand per inhabitant

            100% energy self-sufficient
            For the most sustainable country in the world

By burning fossil fuels, we contribute significantly to global warming. In order to ensure a future for coming generations, we must convert our energy production to renewable resources and make our energy network more efficient. The country of Liechtenstein has signed various conventions to combat climate change, thus laying the foundation for a sustainable future. Now we need to expand and network the technologies already available for emission-free energy production. This is one of the most important measures against climate change.

For this reason, EnergyVision was created, a networking project with the intention of making our energy consumption more sustainable and self-sufficient. The aim is to increase energy efficiency in all sectors, control energy consumption intelligently and expand energy production in a sustainable and renewable way. For this purpose, the municipality of Triesen has already given a mandate to for the implementation and execution on its municipal territory.

As the umbrella organization and initiator of the "EnergyVision" project, will analyze the existing support programs and strategies, technologies and concepts as well as the local conditions and needs of the population. Through the coordination and implementation of concrete measures, as well as a proactive approach in cooperation with local service providers and administrative bodies, positive changes will become apparent in a short period of time. 

Energy production and energy management are the keys to success. Sustainable building, electricity production with photovoltaics and the mobility change towards electric cars in connection with education are the pillars of our vision. Ecology and economy are to be brought back into harmony with a sustainable circular economy.

The implementation of the EnergyVision proceeds in three phases:

1st phase: Strategy development and structuring of the network.
2nd phase: Implementation of the measures
3rd phase: Completion of the development and implementation phase

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Partners and Network

  • Gemeinden, Kommissionen

  • Bürgergenossenschaften

  • Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft für Umwelt

  • Solargenossenschaft

  • Universität Liechtenstein Institut für Architektur/Raumentw.

  • Wasser und Elektrizitätswerk Walenstadt

  • Energiedatenmanager (Prosume, Exnaton)

  • System und Batteriehersteller (E3DC, Tesla)

  • Lokale Bevölkerung, Mieter und Hausbesitzer

  • Lokale Firmen (UrbanBox, Hasler Solar Ag, Büchel-Hoop Photovoltaik)

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