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Ganzheitliches Liechtenstein & Rhine Valley

 "Energy Vision"

The municipality initiates a cooperative energy network of consumers, producers and network operators. With the management via blockchain (similar to WEW Walenstadt) as well as the integration of technologies such as vehicle-to-grid, battery quarter storage, smart home, etc., new holistic systems are to be developed, where all components can be integrated.

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Partners and Network

  • Gemeinden, Kommissionen

  • Bürgergenossenschaften

  • Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft für Umwelt

  • Solargenossenschaft

  • Uni Liechtenstein Inst. Architektur/Raumentw.

  • Wasser und Elektrizitätswerk Walenstadt

  • Energiedatenmanager (Prosume, Exnaton)

  • System und Batteriehersteller (E3DC, Tesla)

  • Lokale Bevölkerung, Mieter und Hausbesitzer

  • Lokale Firmen (UrbanBox, Hasler Solar Ag, Büchel-Hoop Photovoltaik)

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