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Regenerative Consulting

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  • We accompany you in making your organization, activities and products regenerative. So that your company (or your organization) generates positive contributions for the future and can sustainably exist for many generations to come.

  • From a regenerative point of view, we work in partnership with you to generate positive changes in the social and economic spheres as well as in our environment. These changes have far-reaching benefits for your employees, your company, the society and the planet.

  • We look at the multi-layered interactions among the employees, develop a vision in co-creation with you and guide the company towards a prosperous future in harmony with society and nature.

  • Because sustainability is too little to guarantee a future for humankind, we focus on regeneration in all areas and take nature as an example. 

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Local Business Partners
  • We create a regenerative value chain on a regional level. Local stakeholders are promoted and integrated into a regenerative network. This creates added economic value for the region and allows us to reduce the disruption of natural cycles to a minimum.

  • By scaling and visualizing the entire network, we succeed in collaboratively identifying the weak points and use them as an opportunity for the regeneration of our region.

Local Impact

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Web Consultation

We work together with companies and individuals who are ready to make their environment regenerative.

Within the framework of regenerative consulting we look at the following modules, depending on your wishes (further modules are being co-created):

  • Cooperation and Social Structure: interface human-organisation evolution, social structure & governance, environmental analysis PESTE, strategic analysis SWOT.

  • Integrated Communication: communications mission & strategy, the feedback loop in communication, platforms & IT, social media, brand & brand use revision, environmental analysis PESTE, strategic analysis SWOT, target group analysis

  • Process Management and Digitalization: automated and decentralized processes & strategy, digitalization, platforms for work processes, IT tools and software, token system, strategic analysis SWOT, life cycle analysis

  • Material Flow Cycle: holistic system overview, monitoring and control of systems, preventive and reactive optimization, time and cost optimization, integration into the local ecosystem and economy, value chain, regional self-sufficiency level

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A business meeting

Our approach consists of four steps and overarching continuous monitoring and assessment

  1. Understanding the Current Structure: assess the current state with PESTE- SWOT and other helpful analyses and learn to understand the different processes

  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Identify and align interfaces between processes and people

  3. Connecting to the Holistic Approach: processing the discussed information and creating the holistic solution approaches.

  4. Implementing the Integrated Solution Approaches: Accompanying the transition to the jointly developed processes (interactive and integrative workshops).

Regular monitoring and assessment leads to continuous learning and adaptation of the structures to the goals set while making the successes tangible.


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