Regenerative Guatemala is a movement that weaves together a plethora of initiatives, new forms of enterprises and lifestyle experiments in Guatemala that share a regenerative focus for a sustainable future, pioneering a whole-systems transdisciplinary approach that combines proven frameworks of best practices in ecological restoration with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities.

We are co-creating regenerative economies inclusive of all stakeholders through multidisciplinary approaches that build resilience at the local level. We are enhancing community building and participation, especially the capacity of youth, through empowerment, education, and financial inclusion. We are empowering entrepreneurs, social business, cooperatives, and small enterprises, inclusive to women and youth, establishing value chains for sustainable market opportunities. We are developing and sustaining biodiversity-based agricultural practices that optimize food production through land-use-planning, recover local agro-biodiversity, build soil health, sequester large amounts of carbon, reverse the trend toward desertification and preserve local ancestral knowledge. We are developing regenerative tourism models and frameworks designed to build local resilience. We are working on large-scale restoration of ecosystems to safeguard and sustain biodiversity levels and build resilience to climate change.

More information to come shortly.