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We are all stakeholders of this planet.

The Earth is in planetary overshoot and collapse. The conditions required for individuals and societies to develop and thrive are no longer sustained by the planet’s biophysical processes.


As we recognize the magnitude of the challenges and the insufficient responses from the institutions that represent us, the need to restore our ability to cooperate and resolve the grand challenges in a unified and effective manner is imperative. 


Integrity.Earth was established to facilitate the convergence of a regenerative society towards a co-creative development process that embraces a whole-systems approach.


Together, with our partners around the world, we sustain programs of Regenerative Development through community empowerment geared towards restoring ecological corridors and addressing the root causes of the complex systemic failures that hinder all of us from attaining our highest potential. We are pioneering a whole-system transdisciplinary approach that combines proven frameworks of best practices in ecological restoration in conjunction with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities.


We believe that the missing component required for a worthy planetary response, suitable to the scale of the challenges we face in the 21st century, is to transition from a system driven by fragmentation and induced scarcity into systemic integrity fostering unity in diversity, which through cooperative action has the potential to unlock unprecedented abundance. This time making this change an inclusive reality for all citizens of the world, without leaving anyone behind and without ecological offence.

As diverse people from all over the planet partake in this process of co-creating a culture that respects a holistic understanding of our interwovenness with life, an integral economy adequate for today's needs results, linking conscious consumers to conscious producers in a participatory relationship. Change is facilitated when confronted between partaking in an integral economy that provides value to all stakeholders or partaking in economies fixated on profit over people and the planet. 

We are proposing far-reaching, long-term solution frameworks that enable the convergence of existing and emerging efforts towards systemic integrity. With this we aim to open up a pathway for effective replication and scale, allowing all of us, without exception, to converge around economies of well-being that effectively sustain life. 

We are people who have dedicated our entire careers to this massive undertaking—weaving partnerships together with knowledge and experience about how to guide the evolution of economic systems away from extractive paradigms that significantly reduce the resilience of human communities and ecosystems and towards the regenerative paradigms that integrate them to restore healthy functioning. 

Co-create a new paradigm that works for all

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