Our Vision

A shift in humanity’s mindset, a regenerative renaissance, is required, allowing us to realize the fragile interdependence of the planet’s health in accordance with our own.

We invite you to unlock the true potential of being human and join us in the journey to bring the change in the shortest possible time, for the majority of humans, through spontaneous cooperation, rooted in ecological regeneration and equal advantage for all.

​This is about taking direct action to create an entirely new story for humanity. For opting into new models that support regenerative systems. Humanity has done it before - and it’s time we do it again!

Integrity.Earth is a Cooperation-Platform with the primary scope on the following 6 areas of action:

  • Food and Agriculture

  • Energy and Resources

  • Regenerative Tourism

  • Well-Being Communities

  • Holistic Education

  • Biosphere Integrity


Our detailed objectives:

  • The development of multidisciplinary solutions with all stakeholders in order to develop cooperation and a prosperous economy that strengthens resilience at the local level

  • Promoting increased community participation in local decision-making

  • Developing healthy nutrition by promoting sustainable agriculture for intact ecosystems and an economic agricultural sector

  • Incubation of companies and cooperatives, creating value chains for sustainable market opportunities that take everyone into account

  • The development of regenerative tourism models

  • Use of innovative technologies for sustainable, regional energy production

  • Creation of a network of networks that enables the exchange and implementation of best practice experience throughout the region

Together, with our partners around the world, we sustain programs of Regenerative Development. We are pioneering a whole-system transdisciplinary approach that combines proven frameworks of best practices in ecological restoration in conjunction with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities.


As a non-profit tax-exempt association based in Liechtenstein, we are independent and flexible, supporting and intervening. We are transparent and collaborative.

Co-create a new paradigm that works for all