Our Projects

By weaving together six main pillars, we create a foundation for a sovereign and abundant society. As we transcend fragmentation and reductionism and integrate the different aspects, this restores a healthy and interconnected culture.

Integrity.Earth is contributing to integrate the following pillars: food & agriculture, energy & resources, regenerative tourism, holistic education, well-being communities, biosphere integrity.

The idea is simple. We already have the technology and know-how required to solve the world’s most pressing issues. What is left for us to do is to scale these solutions by bringing the planet’s inhabitants together in recognition of our interconnected nature. 

We have created the parameters to set forth a grass-roots movement built on the three basic principles: transparency, cooperation and accountability.


This movement streamlines the creation of value for disenfranchised global communities, integrating them as a fundamental part of the solution and restoring our innate ability to cooperate towards collective action across the planet.

Tropical Leaves

Our Current Initiatives


Through organised conscious communities, the aim is to create an energy network that is as self-sufficient as possible, and in particular based on renewable energy, through the use of innovative technology.

Food Cooperation

We support the cultivation and consumption of locally grown food by providing a local marketplace that includes the usage of other areas in addition to the agricultural land.

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.”
― Buckminster Fuller

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