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The Capital Institute encourages a transformation of our economic system to achieve social and ecological regeneration through transformative Regenerative Economy models. 


SEEDS is a financial ecosystem and digital currency designed to consolidate various movements, organizations & platforms striving toward empowering humanity & regenerating the earth’s biosphere. 


The coworking space is a space for innovation and cooperation in the form of a shared office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.


Regenerate Costa Rica brings together a community with multiple capacities in order to reflect, plan and activate projects that enable the transition towards a regenerative paradigm.


LocalScale is an organization focusing on the development of resilient & sustainable local economies through the use of technology, science & regenerative activities.


The SDG Alliance consists of representatives of civil society for whom the implementation of the SDGs, i.e. a future suitable for grandchildren for Liechtenstein and the world, is important.


A non-profit Guatemalan association working with people and communities who seek individual and collective well-being in all dimensions of life.


Hypha provides tools to help you create your own decentralised organisation to fit your style of governance and achieve your goals.


LENUM AG is a service partner for companies, and for the private and public sectors in the field of light, energy and environment.


Lokahi unifies key components like pure water, clean air and radiation protection, and much more to sustainably transform living space into a healthy indoor environment.


The Rheintalgas Association is intended to set up a small biogas plant in the Rhine Valley to make the population aware of the subject of biogas production.


LGU raises awareness of environmentally friendly lifestyles and consumer decisions. They support technologies and products that also add value to the environment.

Our Network


The University of Liechtenstein acts as an innovation centre for shaping the future. Through numerous projects and programs, it provides the impetus for the economy, politics, and society.

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Regenerative Living Institute (ReLI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that catalyzes shifts towards thrivability from the scale of individuals to neighborhoods to regions globally.


UCI is an international leader in promoting knowledge in regenerative development.

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