Holistic Education

“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.” 

-- Rudolf Steiner

As diverse people and organizations around the world partake in this process of co-creating a culture that respects a holistic understanding of our interwovenness with life, an integral economy adequate for today’s needs results, linking conscious consumers to conscious producers in a participatory relationship. Change is facilitated by consolidating a better alternative in which to participate, effectively out-competing models built on scarcity.

The imperative to increase capacity for holistic approaches, following the conceptual framework for regeneration, gives a unique opportunity. By interlinking regenerative initiatives across the planet, through a transparent and inclusive platform, communities become bioregional learning sites, enabling an exchange of integral solutions and experiences designed to nurture a sustainable planetary culture.

We are developing project-based educational modules to provide an integral education that enables people to develop regenerative practices, such as:

  • Preservation of biodiversity and cultural diversity

  • Sustainable food production (local and organic)

  • Permaculture, water use, waste management, electrical agriculture, biodynamics

  • Sustainable energy systems

  • Sustainable construction

  • Preservation and regeneration of the environment

  • Combining best practices to develop an integrated strategy for sustainability

  • Ecotourism, circular economy, efficient agriculture on a small scale