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Ganzheitliches Liechtenstein & Rhine Valley

"A Venture Cooperative for a Flourishing Local Food Economy"

Our strategy is to weave the existing and emerging diversity of organisations that shape the local food economy into a nation-wide cooperative venture framework – all of which align around a shared vision for the socio-ecological development of their community.

Liechtenstein is uniquely positioned to lead the world in showcasing a new sense of possibility and optimism towards a cultural renaissance, rooted in pride and respect for tradition, and an appreciation of local human and natural resources. A growing coalition of individuals and organizations united by a shared sense of responsibility for the well-being of the wider community of life and the obligations to future generations is ready for activation. Progressively, people are taking pride in living lives that are rich in time, and mindful of consumption.

The cultivation of the art of living is gaining as a viable pathway to happiness and status. A common set of goals uniting this coalition include:

  • Strengthened local food economy and resilience

  • Fostering trust, community, and family values

  • Increasing the quality of life

  • Increased revenue flows and job opportunities for local communities

  • Restoring biodiversity and ancestral knowledge

  • Enhancing nutrition and overall health

  • Sequestering carbon for climate adaptation

  • Decongesting traffic

  • Increasing productivity through inclusive and innovative business models

  • Return on investment

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Partners and Network

  • Lebenswertes Liechtenstein

  • Liechtenstein Society for Environmental Protection (LGU)

  • LocalScale


  • Hypha

  • Seeditt


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