Food and agriculture


We support the cultivation and consumption of locally grown food by providing a local marketplace with peer-to-peer (P2P) food exchange that uses other areas in addition to the agricultural land. This means that local food producers, garden cooperatives, private individuals and / or municipalities make the land available for the cultivation of various garden areas; the food is shared, sold and exchanged. We organize the knowledge, coordination and communication.

• Pilot project in the municipalities of Triesen and Vaduz: In the first phase we are looking for people who have potential garden space or who are already cultivating a garden and who are welcoming supporters
• Involve organizations: There is community space that is well suited for community projects. Also in cooperation with others, e.g. the LGU, which is committed to a diverse and blooming landscape in order to create a food base for "pollinators" such as bees, bumblebees, butterflies & Co.
• Gaining / exchanging experiences: With existing cooperatives and projects that have already successfully formed communities and cultivated new areas, exchange knowledge and learn best practices
• Financial resources: To create the real world examples, we need prior support from institutions that help us to cover the costs. It takes experts, planning and networking in advance.

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