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Energy Vision

Energy Vision | Integrity.Earth
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Energy Vision | Integrity.Earth
Solar Energy
  • Cooperative process for achieving the energy transition

  • Achievement of energy policy goals by bringing together and coordinating all actors (interface coordination).

  • As a non-profit umbrella organization with technologies known today, available in Liechtenstein and the surrounding area, involving local entrepreneurs and service providers, keeping value creation and know-how in the region.

  • Use synergies among the municipalities with a focus on information and awareness-raising for the population.

  • Interface coordination at the building level as well as coordination of energy policies at the municipal and state level.

  • Develop the approach for the energy turnaround per municipality, neighbourhood and building on the basis of pilot projects.

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Sustainable Energy
  • Within phase 1, pilot projects of different municipalities, building types and use categories are currently being carried out, which will feed into the process development and the future interaction of all stakeholders.

  • Development of practical processes for optimized workflows with the involvement of local contractors and service providers.

  • Standardization and simplification of offers, calculations and information for the population and building owners, comparability is ensured.

Local Impact

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Web Consultation
  • Independent and affordable proactive consulting tailored to the building and needs based on pilot with financing options, concrete recommendations and implementation of variants A, B, C.

  • PV/WP/electromobility, self-consumption community, battery storage, billing, local companies and service providers, optimize subsidy programs, seamless implementation with authorities.

  • Information platform for citizens with all concerns around energy, construction, mobility and subsidies.

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Fists in Solidarity

The following partnerships have already been established: 

  • Support, provision of pilot projects, and co-development: Municipalities of Triesen, Vaduz, Gamprin-Bendern, Ruggell, Planken.

  • Support and co-development: 
    Hasler Solar AG, Büchel-Hoop AG, FE-Partner AG, Lenum AG, Gregor Ott AG, Hoval AG, Büchel AG Haustechnik, Urbanbox, Broder AG, Enercret AG
    Local population, tenants and house ownersLiechtenstein Society for the Environment (LGU).


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  • 52% of the budget of the required start-up funding achieved for phase 1 of EnergieVision.

  • Financial support from foundations and communities.

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Project phases

1st phase: Strategy development and structuring of the network 
Start: 01 December 2021
Duration: approx. 6 months


2nd phase: Implementation of the measures
Duration: approx. 24 months


3rd phase: Completion of the development and implementation phase, initiation and expansion of the operating phase
Duration: approx. 24 months


4th phase: Operating phase and monitoring


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